We need a better solution for online retailers

Ahmed Bousuwa
2 min readJul 6, 2020

Retail businesses go online. Yes, sure, but what about the traffic and discoverability? Physical stores have a better chance to get attention in high foot traffic with their unique interior design display and storefront. They may spend less on online marketing.

How am I going to retain millions of small/medium brands when my brain can only memorize 3–6 brands if they are lucky. Then, they need to spend on marketing, and yet it’s an aggressive war. Online retailers do not raise money to go into the bidding gambling model as startups do.

I have designed a solution to make these guys more discoverable and spend less on marketing. The idea came to me when I first found out about Shopify in 2017.

I searched for a winter jacket, and @Shopify appeared at top search results. The name/logo is the place to shop. When visited their site, I went crazy clicking everywhere but with no success. I get it what you do, now how to shop.

Within the first month of COVID-19, I worked on my idea, and to my surprise, Shopify build Shop app. I was like they finally got it, but when I checked the app, the consumer would still have to memorize brands to shop. In my opinion, Shopify lacks innovation. All of a sudden, they decided to be innovative.

Link to my prototype: https://bit.ly/3fb1tz6




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