The value of money will be valued by the number of points

Ahmed Bousuwa
3 min readJul 13, 2020


I have been asking myself, why does money lose its value? Why today’s dollar can not buy tomorrow’s cup coffee? Why do product prices go up? Such as real estate, food, grocery, cars, tourism, education, etc. These essential products and services are not rare products to tell me about supply and demand theory. These are inelastic products.

Since 1913 when the currencies around the world started to lose its value
With the continuing loss of currency value, the money will have no value in the future, and the way we look at the banknotes will change, and its happening now. The currency is going to be measured by points rather than value. It will be more of how many points to buy a house, car, or whatever.

Banknotes are shifting to points just like video games. To purchase a car, you would need 22,560 points now, and if you do not buy now, the points will go up next year.

What does all this mean? It means more working hours, more side hustle for some and more than 2–3 jobs for others. So, the more the prices/points increase, the less we have time for leisure, learn a new hobby or new skill, less spending time with family and siblings.

Here is a contradiction of what others have been promoting the work-life balance. How can one has a life balance when today’s currency values are in constant decline. I repeat, we will be focusing more on essentials in which we already do, but how does the future look like?

It is an ongoing cycle, and then what? What factors can stop it? Where are we heading? The cost of living is rising because of what is called inflation. Who sets up inflation? What economic theories are you relying on? Backers of these economic theories that are put 100 years ago are not chemical components nor physics, so, they are adjustable and modifiable.

Everything on earth has a limit of growth when we talk about the biological aspects, why not the value of currencies? It’s reaching a point where humans can’t raise their heads up and just caught up to provide the essentials. The results will be devastating, less participating in politics and substantial topics, more poverty and crimes, drug abuse, modern slavery, etc.

I don’t know if that is intentional to pile up wealth and create less competition for power and control due to greed and narcissism. Money supposed to be a paper of value to exchange products and services, but it became a product in itself that is turning into points to collect.

Money is a fundamental rock of the economy, to start a business, to invest in projects, and develop the life of millions on earth. Though when the value is lost, it will become hard to solve essential issues. For a lot of matters, you hear the feedback “ this projects/solutions needs large investments ” which means a large amount of money. That is why some of the projects — maybe never implemented — or take years to start.

We need to restore the value of money to solve essential problems at individual and community levels. I conclude with the saying: You will never see a U-Haul behind a hearse.



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