Self-checkout with your phone

Ahmed Bousuwa
2 min readJun 11, 2020

Technologists out there, what protocol we can use to prevent such incidents?

There is a segment of people who like in-store #grocery #shopping. But facing some problems like the lineup and long wait take the time of their weekend.

What is the solution?
Poye is a scan and pay app that works for all supermarkets. The app connects to the cloud of each supermarket when a shopper inside.
The issue here how can we identify unpaid items? What technology out there can solve this?

Self-checkout has the same problem, can’t determine the unpaid items unless the item of value has a magnetic alarm that beeps when crossing the gate.

Other solutions to in-store grocery shopping

Self-checkout is expensive to install, takes space, and ugly.
The second one is Amazon go, its fast and pleasurable experience, but costly to install software and hardware. Amazon go store will require high consumption of energy to cool off the store due to the number of cameras on the ceiling.

Below, a link to a prototype I designed to explain the user experience of a shopper. Please open in laptops/computers to see the complete prototype.

I also put together the Architecture-like process attached in the shot below.



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