It's the best time for innovation

Credit: Vikiiing

The time has never been better to experiment. Considering changes in business, operating model, and pivoting. This is how some organizations and companies responding to the pandemic #COVID19

Airbnb has launched an online experience. This is a new experiment. Automakers shifting to produce ventilators. Distillers using their alcohol to produce sanitizers. This is an unexpected partnership to pivot.

Restaurants offer large family meals, CSA boxes, and to-go cocktails and wine. Lead with people and business will follow.

OpenTable’s main service is no longer relevant but they shifted their platform by partnering with grocery stores, allowing customers to select shopping times at supermarkets and avoid crowding. The use of the constrain to make a quick shift.

Scarcity is the mother of invention. I would love to experiment with those who are looking for ways to respond to the pandemic.

#operatingmodel #pivoting #business #businessmodel#businessmodelinnovation #covidresponse



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