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Ahmed Bousuwa
4 min readJun 13, 2018

Google has big data, but it is scattering in the space.

Scattered Puzzles (

Google’s information is scattering in the cloud as this picture attached above with so much information we could develop a feature to benefit from this ocean of data.

Can Google become knowledge/educational platform, the answer is yes Google has the potential but it requires redesigning its engine, AI technology and machine learning to be the leading learning platform knowledge for all ages. Edu-tech is popping for high school and university students.

The idea started with searching online to learn about a particular subject or industry.

We search for things we would like to know and learn online once we do our brain/curiosity trigger other questions that require more search to learn more about core components pieces of information, and the process keeps going if we would like to learn more.

The search process enables us to collect information as we dig deep in learning. it is like finding the puzzles and put together the pieces of information

Hidden Pain?

To learn about something it requires extensive search, time, and curiosity to trigger the what and why questions it is a way of acquiring knowledge at the end of it but we do miss parts of the puzzle, or we do not even continue to learn.

Wouldn’t be better to have designed technology help us find and put the puzzle together and understand the full picture that saves time and effort and helps/pushes the none curious to learn more.

With this tool we allow the brain to learn more in less time and have better space to do advanced levels of learning rather than exhaust the brain in searching and quit after a tedious search. having expanded search result available would help the brain while active and curious to do more magic and progress further in learning

Observation and design

I have spent time searching and triggering questions to learn about things, and after an extensive search, I have all the data scattered in different sites. I have observed a pattern and came with designed product feature.

The designed feature is to develop a product for Google as knowledge Puzzle platform compiling puzzles of information in a way that is categorized and organized search result with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Example and story of this designed feature

A few years ago I wanted to learn about the coffee beans since I love and adore a good cup of coffee.

Started my journey online and started throwing questions in google and reading here and there, I learned so much about coffee, and it was interesting facts about it such it is the most bought product after oil!

My search was extensive where my brain triggered questions about the type of coffee beans, countries that produce coffees, big companies, how to roast and what and where to find those machines that roast and blend a coffee, etc.

There are two types of coffee, Arabica, and Robusta and each has tens of varieties under them. It needs an artist to blend a good taste of coffee that’s why it’s an art.

It was good to learn about it, but all these sources of information are scattered here and there, it took time and effort to learn about the whole industry.

This case study is the product development for Google knowledge Puzzle:

If you want to learn about coffee beans write it down in Google knowledge puzzle, and the search result would appear like the below-designed engine:

Putting together the puzzles provides a full picture of a particular subject like the coffee beans pattern. Each puzzle you click would popup to a list of links and sites, then, you gain a full understanding of each searched subject.


We do spend time searching online to learn about things but do we all get a full sense of the searched item? No, we have to squeeze our minds to know about every gap.

In the coffee case study, if someone wants to get in coffee beans business, she/he knows what to anticipate. Taking full understanding guides to better decisions when you want to do business, investment, research or learn.

Transforming the data that Google has to an educational platform, any information seeker could acquire a wide range of knowledge about the searched subject. Making the search engine smarter and educational. It saves effort and time as it’s a fast learning process where it allows the brain to widen its horizon when acquiring information to advance to next steps.

The proposed Google knowledge puzzle project enables us to acquire a full picture of knowledge in less time and make better decisions.




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