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2 min readApr 15, 2020


Credit: Marek Cihra

From Foot Traffic To Online Traffic

Creating an online store now made easy. There are multiple sites, can help you build your online store, but what products and services to sell if you are new to the game? That is another topic.

More importantly, is how people can find out about your online store? How can one bring traffic to their store?

In the real-world, its called foot traffic, now as virtual become the go-to in recent years, businesses are moving digital due to changing market factors and the latest COVID-19 has forced us to move to those directions.

Amid thousands of online websites that sell online, how can a mom and pop stores go online and compete with those who have been around years ago? How could a new starter start selling online?

Simple, google how to bring online traffic to your site, you will learn about; organic search, keyword to use, paid ads, create social media accounts, and so on. But that is not enough to compete with giants, the first thing that comes to mind when shopping online are those GIANTS a one will not go to www.looloo.com.

Even if you don’t go to one of these eCommerce and type in shoes on google, the big department stores will appear in your search results. eCommerce builders do offer an API to sell on those giants platforms, and a one can sell, however, the race, is still strong amid sellers, selling similar products.

Online retailers bear the cost of online marketing as it gets expensive since players with big bucks got into this medium, in my opinion, this is burden most, new entries, small, and medium retailers.

Ian Bremmer, a political scientist. His explanation of societal and economic shifts, and those who are particularly vulnerable in the coming months — and years, especially retail business is in line with the subject here as more going online.

He argues, having people using retail services throughout 2–3 months, they won’t easily come back to a physical store, besides, it is hard to get back to crowded stores when there is no vaccine yet in place.

I am interested to hear from those who own an online store, on what difficulties they go through to make their store visible.



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