Can you handle standing in the line when winter hits because of the coronavirus

Ahmed Bousuwa
2 min readJul 18, 2020


Zeynep Kinli Kurt

In a few months, winter will come, and it will be cold to stand in a line up when the temperature is below zero to enter big stores. Now we can wait in a long queue under the sun to get our vitamin D. It’s summer its doable.

Big #retailers regulating in-store shopping to prevent the spread of #COVID-19, the situation got me thinking of the near future, and how can I solve this problem knowing vaccine is not coming anytime soon, giving the facts; Retails needs to be open, better winter lineup regulator, and the potential of the second wave — all these facts helped me to use the method I coined design with reason process.

The solution is a simple app I called a slot to book a time slot where a user reserve a time slot at their preference and the employee of that retail scan in and out shoppers.

The app tackles:

1- waiting in long queues during winter

2- helps retailers to determine how many shoppers they can have inside at the same time

3- by scanning in and out shoppers in real-time, retailers can regulate the number of shoppers at the same time.

I am interested to hear your thoughts. MVP prototype link:



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