Business design

Ahmed Bousuwa
1 min readJun 4, 2020

Some say the design-thinking and design sprints are over.

In the last years, they have been the rise that helps founders, entrepreneurs, and managers to create user-centric products and services.

They are great tools/methodologies to generate desirability in customers. But they often fail to reach a sustainable business model. A new tool as solutions to this problem called business design.

What is a business design?

It is a way of operating that combines the tools of business thinkers, analysts, and strategists with the methods and mindsets of design.

Business designers think about how every element of the business model affects the consumer and client experience.

A business design method/discipline adopted by IDEO and a few others. It hasn’t reached a lot of companies and designers yet, but we will notice a demand for it soon.

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