How husks ( the dry outer covering of some fruits or seeds) of rice and grains led to a discovery of essential nutrients called vitamins

Did it ever occur to you where the name vitamin came? And why we need vitamins. The increasing number of variety of supplements I see in stores and the ongoing research and development right now have sparked my interest to know the history of vitamins. What is a vitamin? …

It clusters and groups us in isolated bubbles. Prevent us from gaining and discovering new knowledge

What are the recommended algorithms or recommendation systems? It’s a tool that predicts a user’s preferences of what may like or may not like any given topic. It filters and recommends content based on a personality-based approach to help you find content (video, music, movie, show, product) of interest to…

Retail businesses go online. Yes, sure, but what about the traffic and discoverability? Physical stores have a better chance to get attention in high foot traffic with their unique interior design display and storefront. They may spend less on online marketing.

How am I going to retain millions of small/medium…

Some say the design-thinking and design sprints are over.

In the last years, they have been the rise that helps founders, entrepreneurs, and managers to create user-centric products and services.

They are great tools/methodologies to generate desirability in customers. But they often fail to reach a sustainable business model. A new tool as solutions to this problem called business design.

What is a business design?

It is a way of operating that combines the tools of business thinkers, analysts, and strategists with the methods and mindsets of design.

Business designers think about how every element of the business model affects the consumer and client experience.

A business design method/discipline adopted by IDEO and a few others. It hasn’t reached a lot of companies and designers yet, but we will notice a demand for it soon.

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The time has never been better to experiment. Considering changes in business, operating model, and pivoting. This is how some organizations and companies responding to the pandemic #COVID19

Airbnb has launched an online experience. This is a new experiment. Automakers shifting to produce ventilators. Distillers using their alcohol to produce sanitizers. This is an unexpected partnership to pivot.

Restaurants offer large family meals, CSA boxes, and to-go cocktails and wine. Lead with people and business will follow.

OpenTable’s main service is no longer relevant but they shifted their platform by partnering with grocery stores, allowing customers to select shopping times at supermarkets and avoid crowding. The use of the constrain to make a quick shift.

Scarcity is the mother of invention. I would love to experiment with those who are looking for ways to respond to the pandemic.

#operatingmodel #pivoting #business #businessmodel#businessmodelinnovation #covidresponse

From Foot Traffic To Online Traffic

Creating an online store now made easy. There are multiple sites, can help you build your online store, but what products and services to sell if you are new to the game? That is another topic.

More importantly, is how people can find out about your online store? How can one bring traffic to their store?

In the real-world, its called foot traffic, now as virtual become the go-to in recent years, businesses are moving digital due to changing market factors and the latest COVID-19 has…


A product and business designer. Interested in startups, yoga, philosophy, and perfumes.

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